Prepare And Enrich

Why do relationships fail? Why is the divorce rate 50% in most countries?
If this is what being engaged is like, do I really want to get married after all?
Why is parenting so hard?
Why is money such a challenge?
Why am I so stressed?
What’s wrong with him/her? This wasn’t what I had in mind when I asked her to marry me?

With statistics telling us that 50% of marriage/relationships are failing, we are happy to
finally bring you some good news…..


Prepare and Enrich is a wonderful tool that you can own to ensure that your relationship/marriage will thrive, blossom and grow.

Think about how much time and money people spend on the Big Day……How much time and money do we spend on preparing to live with someone for the rest of our lives? Clearly not enough.
For a very modest fee you can complete a psychometric test on line and assess your relationship to see what the strong points are and also to see which are the growth areas which need working on.

Joel and Ruthie Portnoy are facilitators for the Prepare and Enrich Programme and will be happy to tell you more. The assessment will become available to them and you the couple. Then the work begins – usually a few weeks working together on Face Time/Skype/Zoom or in person

The inventory will offer valuable feedback and provide a basis for moving forward. It will help you develop a vital understanding of each other and chart an exciting map for connectivity, happiness and growth.



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