Imago Relationship Therapy

Much of Ruthie’s time is working on Divorce Prevention and where that isn’t possible, at least making Divorce as bearable and unharmful as possible. Have you ever wondered why is it that so many people who are divorced get remarried and then get divorced again? Is it just bad luck? It’s doubtful – and Ruthie’s extensive studying and experience on the subject backs this up. Read Ruthie’s page on Dating and Relationships to see her thoughts and if you think she can help you please do be in touch.

Dating & Relationships

Dating and Relationships can be beautiful, romantic and magical initially and then turn into something stressful, painful and even damaging at times. This tends to happen as soon as the ‘C’ word comes up for many.  Commitment being the word which sets people of all sorts running a mile,  panicking and not being able to maintain the romantic side of the relationship that they once had.  Why is this and what can you do about it?  Plenty.   Unfortunately in schools and universities worldwide we learn every kind of skill you can and cannot even think of but the most important skills you will ever need are not on the syllabus.   Being a spouse and being a parent are not even on the curriculum.  Few people were fortunate enough to come from happy loving homes and even if they were, the chances that their partner also experienced a warm loving home are not that high.   How else will we model our behaviour for these vital roles? Ruthie is always thrilled to work with couples and see how these issues can be worked on and how easy it can be to teach people how to have a heartfelt understanding of another persons needs and at the same time have our own needs met. Ruthie’s work is highly influenced by Anthony (Tony) Robins and Imago Marriage Therapy.

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