Laughter Yoga Groups

One of my happiest moments was qualifying as a Laughter Yoga  Leader and Therapist!

There is something so magical about laughing but even more so causing others to laugh for no rhyme or reason.  In fact Laughter Yoga has virtually nothing to do with ‘real’ Yoga rather it is a way to laugh without humour, comedy or even jokes!  You fake it till you make it, playing daft games and improv. Some of my most memorable bookings have been in a care home for the elderly and more recently for a group of Muslim and Jewish women!!

Laughter Yoga











Trust me, we all need to take ourselves less seriously and learn to play again. Sessions can take place in lunch breaks or early morning before work. In the summer, a park is a great location.  You need space and a room where you can make plenty of noise!  No fancy gym wear required.

Laughter Yoga is also a great team building activity, for those who are brave enough to let go!


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