Ruthie Portnoy

Advanced EFT Practitioner, Psychotherapist, Life & Relationship Coach.

I am passionate about self-growth and healing. The more we learn about how the body and mind have to be in sync, the more exciting and challenging it is to help people get there.

I offer a number of different therapy services including:

Emotional Freedom Techniques – also known as EFT or Tapping – is nowhere near as weird and whacky as it may sound! Let me help you move past the issues that may be holding you back.

Life Coaching – a gentle way to move towards a more meaningful and satisfying life.

Laughter Yoga – just as fun as it sounds! Great for students and for team building.

Stress Management – so important and necessary for all of us in today’s hectic world!

Prepare & Enrich Relationship Inventory – a great way to develop a deeper understanding of your partner and enrich your relationship.

Imago Relationship Therapy & Marriage Counselling – working with couples to make life better for all.

You can meet with me in person or arrange a video chat or Skype conversation at a time to suit you.

Can I Help You?

It's my goal to create a comfortable, safe environment, where we'll work to achieve the goal together
Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques

If you are looking for a unintrusive, gentle way  to work on anything from Anxiety, to adding Zest to your life, here is an A-Z list of what EFT...

Master Life Coaching / ADV Relationship Coaching

Master Life Coaching / ADV Relationship Coaching

Sometimes its a simple matter of reaching out for some gentle Life Coaching  or Advanced Relationship Coaching rather than therapy. Having learnt...

Stress Management

Stress Management

Many things can trigger stress reaction, including danger, threat, news, illness, etc.

Prepare And Enrich

Prepare And Enrich

Why is the divorce rate 50% in most countries? If this is what being engaged is like, do I really want to get married after all? Why do Why is...

Imago Relationship Therapy

Imago Relationship Therapy

Much of Ruthie’s time is working on Divorce Prevention and where that isn’t possible, at least making Divorce as bearable and unharmful as...

Tackling Abuse – sexual or emotional, current or past.

Tackling Abuse – sexual or emotional, current or past.

There is a  widely known fact that  one of the most painful and potentially  damaging experiences a child or young person can go through is Sexual...

Laughter Yoga Groups

Laughter Yoga Groups

One of my happiest moments was qualifying as a Laughter Yoga  Leader and Therapist! There is something so magical about laughing but even more so...



Depression is currently fourth among the top 10 leading causes of the global burden



I wanted to thank you for your counselling regarding my divorce to my ex wife.

Prior to visiting yourself I was very stressed and did not feel at ease.

I found you to be very personable, calm and had a very relaxed approach.

You not only made me feel better but I felt very happy inside myself and was more accepting of others. You changed my way of thinking and for that I am so thankful to you.

Recommending you is done without hesitation

Hi Ruthie,

I just want to wish you a  Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.  Thank you for everything you have done   for me!  Thank you for every minute you've spent listening and advising me on my life.  I appreciate every morsel of information you've given me over the past three years and I truly don't have enough words to thank you for sticking by me and helping me in ways I probably don't truly understand.  I hope   that you have the strength to help others in the same way you have helped me.  Thank you again I don't know where I'd be without you.

Dear Mrs. Portnoy

I am extremely grateful to you for helping me get rid of all the painful memories and trauma.

Thanks so much for all your patience, care and support!

I feel so relieved, and amazed at how it almost feels like it never happened.

I would have never been the same without you!  I'm forever grateful.  Wishing you all the best.

Ruthie has helped me change the way I think of myself, my family and all those around me. Helping me believe in myself, giving me more confidence and self respect! EFT has helped me change my life forever and for that I am forever grateful! Thank you!!

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